automation for analytics


excellence in the four data pillars

DATA management

Our expertise in Data Management includes Data Governance, Data Integrity, Data Modelling and Data Security. A key component to trusted data, trusted analytics & insights…trusted results!

data blending

Data modelling techniques for storing your data. Experience in numerous database technologies to suit your eco system. Data blending techniques for enriching your analytical solutions.

data visualisation

With a focus on user-experience & quality, story telling with your data. Polished, professional and stylish design. Data Visualisations will convey a message to the decision-makers.

data driven insights

Take the crunch out of data with automation saving you time and money! Helping you set the stage for data-driven insights and decisions from your trusted analytical solutions.

Focus on Quality & Speed in Delivery

sit back and see results
Automation for Analytics. Set the Stage for Data-Driven Insights.

Passionate about data analytics and the need to exploit and innovate in the use of information for business success. Experienced in data visualisation techniques and deploying analytical solutions helping you automate, taking the crunch out of data! Creativity in design with focus on user experience with an impact in visual analytics. Experienced in blending data from different sources for a richer Viz! Creativity in design and delivering business solutions with a ‘wow’ factor to maximise customer experience. Enhancing end-user experience through slick, polished and professional business intelligence application interfaces. Experienced scrum master and driving team collaboration and success in Agile project delivery. Highly experienced with data warehouse processes and system implementations and translating business requirements into IT solutions and processes. Always applying best practices, always thinking outside the box!

  • Governance, Storage & Data Integrity.

  • Data Modelling, Database Design & Data Blending.

  • Transforming your data into Insights & Analytics.

  • Solutions driving data-driven decisions.

Need help trusting your data? Solving a business problem? Think innovation & automation. Contact Ashalytics.

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